Winter sale @ with 50% off and it was a good reason to shop there 🙂 . The order includes a set of pajamas, a rubbit cup, glass bottoms, a hair clip and two body sets.

Asos Cashback – 2.5% Refund on , up to 8% Refund on .

The gift package comes in a well-designed cardboard box containing 300 ml soap, bath cream (300ml), bath salt (50g) and body butter (50ml).

Baylis & Harding is a family business from England founded in 1970. The thing that attracted me to these packages is their very cheap price (10 pounds). The main fragrance of this package is tangerine and grapefruit tangerine. When I opened the packages I discovered that the products were made in China, it was not mentioned in the product description. The smell is good and the soaps are great on the skin (yes, I tried some of them anyway) but the fact that they were made in China and the lack of a ingredients list bothers me.

Buy it here: asos

Another Baylis & Harding gift pack. This one contains 250 ml of body soap, 250 ml body cream, 30ml hand cream and a fragrant candle. The main fragrance in this pack reminds me of a sweet clove or ginger and I did not like it very much. The products from this pack also made in China. I tried the body soap and it is nice except for the smell. I was disappointed to discover that asos sells cosmetic products from China. This will explain their very low price.

Buy it here: asos

A cactus-style pajama set, long pants and a short shirt. I ordered a medium size (usually i'm 38 in EU). The pajamas came with to strong smell, so I washed it and the smell vanished. The fabric is very pleasant to touch and the pajamas are very comfortable and fun. Notice that the shirt is relatively short so there is a small gap between the trouser and the shirt 🙂

Buy it here: asos

Sass & Belle rabbit-shaped cup. It even has a tail! The cup is gorgeous and funky, I enjoy it every Saturday. The cup is suitable for the microwave, not suitable for dishwasher. Perfect for yourself or a gift!

Buy it here: asos

Sass & Belle set of 4 wooden Coasters in the form of unicorns with pink and gold colors. perfect! I LOVE IT

Buy it here: asos

Golden hair clip by Asos design. I admit it's a bit pricey for a clip but I love it! It's really stunning! Notice that you should keep it away from water.

Buy it here: asos

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