Do you remember the 4th birthday promotion? So now that I have tried the new products for some time, I can tell you my opinion about them. And there are a few more orders from that September and upcoming reviews 🙂

So let's start the review with the new stuff!

Description: Micellar water for cleansing the face and removing makeup. Enriched with moisturizing materials such as argan oil, lotus flower, strawberry and kiwi extracts. Cleansing and refreshing the face, gluten free without GMO, vegan ingredients and not tested on animals. Does not cause irritation and is suitable for all skin types.

Instructions: Shake well before use. Wipe cotton wool with micellar water and gently wipe the face and eyes. No need to wash.

Bottom line: MyChelle micellar water mineral water has a strange synthetic smell but it is almost unnoticeable. It removes the makeup very efficiently, but in my opinion it will be difficult to remove durable makeup from the eyes (I did not try). After cleaning my face with the micellar water, I felt a tingling sensation in the face that was not so pleasant, but I washed my face with facial soap and the itching stopped. After a few times of use this feeling stopped appearing. The makeup remover does not cause eye irritation, and this is a great advantage for MyChelle micellar water. I loved the pump bottle which is very convenient. I will recommend it.

Buy it hereVitacost | iHerb

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Cleansers Quick Clean Micellar Water

Description: The Retinol Serum of InstaNatural contains a mixture of carefully selected anti-aging ingredients. Retinol is an excellent exfoliator and therefore helps in skin rejuvenation process, and significantly reduces pigmentation. InstaNatural also added vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which nourishes the skin with moisture and protects it.

Retinol is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps protect skin against pollutants. Retinol is a super star in the anti-aging category, and it is effective in softening the appearance of wrinkles. InstaNatural Serum contains powerful, natural botanical extracts that help maintain healthy skin and encourage the skin to produce collagen. The serum does not contain parabens, SLS, formaldehyde & synthetic dyes. It is made from vegan ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

Instructions: Daily in your night routine, apply a small amount to clean skin. Allow the serum to be absorbed for a few minutes and then apply moisturizer. The next day use a sunscreen. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Bottom line: I purchased this from the iHerb Trial Page as a sample. The serum is bright orange and has a liquidy texture. It has a strong orange smell that I did not really like, but it disappears after a second or two. It takes about 2-3 minutes to be absorbed, during which it leaves a sticky feeling that completely disappears after it is absorbed. The sample lasted for about 20 days and it's long enough to know that it is excellent! After about a week of using it, the texture of my skin began to look better and the shade of the skin was better. Highly recommend!

InstaNatural Retinol Serum with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C

Description: An active charcoal nutrition supplement to support the digestive system and relieve discomfort during digestion. but! I ordered it for teeth whitening. Activated carbon has an unusual adsorption capacity. It can relieve gas and swelling in the stomach, and also act as a natural teeth whitening. The active charcoal helps balance the pH levels in the mouth, absorbing the dirt in the mouth and the germs that stains the teeth. Coal can paint crowns and fillings. Caution on clothes

Instructions: Wet the toothbrush and spill the capsule on the brush. Brush your teeth with an emphasis on stained areas. Rinse mouth thoroughly until water is clean.

Bottom line: It is not clear whether teeth whitening with activated carbon is a myth or it really works. I can only tell you that I started brushing with the coal and it's not disgusting as I thought. It's just the beginning, but in the meantime I have not seen any whitening effect. The coal is very dirty and you have to be careful not to stain the clothes and all around you. I read that the coal managed to remove stains already in use first, I have not seen it. But I already took a picture of "before" and I hope that in another month I will have an impressive "after" picture. I will update.

Buy it hereiHerb

Mason Natural Activated Vegetable Charcoal

Description: Body wash with gel texture and cucumber and melon scent. The body shower gel contains oatmeal, natural oils and aloe vera to relieve dry skin. The body shower gel is gentle, does not contain soap and is perfect for daily use for the whole family. It was not tested on animals.

Bottom line: The amount of product is pretty small and I finished it pretty quickly, at a price similar to that you can find quality natural body washes in a larger quantity. I loved the body wash very much, it had a perfect smell! It is excellent foaming, does not dry the skin and leaves it soft and pleasant. Overall I recommend the body wash itself, I just think the price is too high.

Buy it here:  Vitacost | iHerb

Shikai Moisturizing Shower Gel Cucumber Melon

Description: Acure Organics natural Conditioner with a new fragrance. The conditioner should revive the hair and give it a shine and silky touch. So far I have used the lemon grass scent and I always highly recommend it! The new conditioner with a fig and pear scent, contains aloe vera, pear and cactus oil. Without parabens and sulfates, vegan components only, without animal experiments.

Instructions: Massage the hair after shampooing and rinsing.

Bottom line: The same wonderful Acure Organics conditioner with a new, great and sweet scent. Recommends!

Buy it hereVitacost | iHerb

Acure Body Beautiful Conditioner Pear & Fig

A liter filling of Method hand wash. Natural hand wash with an amazing scent of sweet grapefruit. Not tested on animals. Highly recommend!

Buy it hereVitacost | iHerb

Method Gel Hand Wash Pink Grapefruit

Description: Natural Hair Conditioner with Lemon Grass. Gentle and suitable for all hair types. Made from vegan, non-sulfate, non-parabens and not animal-tested.

Instructions: Massage the hair after shampooing and rinsing.

Bottom line: I really like this hair conditioner and use it for a long time. It has a gorgeous lemony scent and leaves the hair very pleasant and easy to comb. Recommends!

Buy it hereVitacost | iHerb

Acure Curiously Clarifying Conditioner Lemongrass & Argan

Description: Glycine powder is an amino acid designed to maintain optimal energy levels in the body and healthy metabolism. Glycine is important for the formation of muscle tissue.

Instructions: Consume 1 teaspoon a day, mix with a drink or with food.

Bottom line: Glycine powder has a sweet taste and can be an excellent substitute for sugar. It has many health benefits, such as stimulating the metabolism of the body and helping to treat digestive problems such as ulcers, improves facial skin, reduces blood pressure, balances sugar, etc. The manufacturer's instruction is a teaspoon per day but I always take more. It can be used to sweeten some tea or coffee 🙂

Buy it hereiHerb

Description: A natural treatment shampoo of Avalon Organics. The shampoo contains, among other things, tea tree oil and aloe vera that soothe the scalp. Comes in two sizes, 325 ml and 946 ml.

Bottom line: I have tried quite a few of shampoos designed to treat dandruff and oily scalp and nothing has been able to handle it as effectively as Avalon's tea tree shampoo. warmly recommended! The shampoo is a very delicate scent of the tea tree, not wow and not terrible

Buy it hereVitacost | iHerb

Avalon Organics Shampoo Scalp Treatment Tea Tree

Description: Neutrogena sunscreen SPF 55, absorbed quickly and leaves a dry feeling.

Bottom line: This cream is absorbed quickly, does not have a strong smell, and does not leave an oily feeling on the skin. You have to find the right amount to apply, if you take too much, it can leave a shiny look. The cream protects the skin for two hours, and then should be replenished (just like any sunscreen). I've already ordered it several times and I'm always pleased with him. Highly recommend!

Buy it hereiHerb

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 55

Description: Deep Steep natural body wash with lilac scent, gently scrubs the skin and cleans it. Nourishes the skin with oils: Argan, coconut and shea butter, leaving it clean and soft with excellent smell. The body wash is made from natural ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

Bottom line: Excellent body wash with a great smell that stays on the body. Do not dry the skin like a lot of other natural body washes, leaving it really soft and pleasant. Highly recommend! Especially on the Passion fruit Guava scent.

Buy it hereVitacost | iHerb

Deep Steep Body Wash Lilac Blossom

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