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I Received the SVR cleanser with Look Fantastic's Beauty Box. SVR Laboratoires is a French skincare company that specializes in sensitive skin products. The brand was founded by Simon and Robert Véret on the conviction that dermatology makes you more beautiful and helps you feel better about yourself.

The cleansing gel is soap-free and is based on active ingredients. The gel becomes a mousse that effectively cleans the oily and contamination dirt on skin, focuses on pores and helps to open sealed pores. Thanks to this feature, the gel helps to get smoother and more refined skin. And all without drying the skin. This cleanser also suitable for oily skin and sensitive skin with a tendency to acne. The gel contains no alcohol, dyes and parabens.

מודעות פרסומת

The texture is gel but it turned into a really delicate foam and not a mousse as described. It is really gentle to the skin and has a pleasant scent that is somewhat reminds me of the aloe vera scent but refined and pleasant. It is transparent and foamy in contact with water.

מודעות פרסומת

My skin isn't sensitive and I don't have tendency to acne. I have combination skin that doesn't like when I use drying products. I do not recommend using facial cleanser that makes the skin feels stretched, it means the cleanser dries it. The result of this can be an increase in sebum production on the skin. The SVR gel cleanser did not make me feel this stretch and I enjoyed using it. Its price is not at all high for the amount of 200 ml packaging and for my skin type is really good.

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מודעות פרסומת