The use of facial toner is very important, it removes the residue of dirt that the soap cannot clean. It helps to normalize the moisture level inside and "opens" the skin to get the benefits of the products you will apply after it. I liked DeVita toner especially because of its pleasant and refreshing scent.

DeVita Cool Cucumber Toner

Description: DeVita cucumber toner is light, refreshing and does not clog pores. The toner breaks down the makeup residue, removing the dirt on the face. DeVita products are 100% vegan, no parabens and no animal testing. DeVita's toner contains a gentle blend of fruit-derived acids designed to give a smoother skin feel. Japanese green tea and allantoin extract which together soothe the skin and fix redness (my skin is not reddish so I can't confirm that).

Directions: After cleansing the face, squeeze 3-4 pumps directly to face or cotton pad and lightly pat it on the face. Let the toner dry in the air or wipe it with cotton pad. Continue as usual with your skin care routine (serum, cream, etc.). You can also use it as a refreshing mist.

Texture and scent: The texture is liquid like water. It has a fine delicate sweet acent, a clean scent that I love. The bottle comes with a spray, it is less convenient for those who prefer to use cotton wool like me.

Bottom line: It is hard to find completely natural products that will also be good and not smell bad. Devita's cucumber toner has a very short ingredients list, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, and with the amazing fresh cucumber scent that I really liked. I'm close to the end of my second bottle and I recommend it.

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