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Christoph Rubin is a Parisian brand that focuses on hair care. I discovered it for the first time in June 2018 Look Fantastic Beauty Box, where I got this hair mask. I was very excited, so I ordered the mask from One of the benefits of Christoph Rubin is the natural ingredients from which they produce their products. Christoph Rubin's hair care products are free of parabens, SLS and silicone's.


מודעות פרסומת

This is a luxurious mask for thin, lifeless hair with pure clay and rose extract for a deep scalp cleansing. This mask supposed to increase hair volume if you use it regularly. You can use it instead of shampoo (but I washed with a regular shampoo and then used the mask) and it gives the hair a soft, flexible texture. The mask without parabens silicone's and SLS.

This is a kind of cleansing paste that nourishes the hair with moisture and gives it volume. This mask absorbs the dirt and oil from the hair, strengthens it and gives it a fuller look.

The first thing that made me fall in love with Christophe's mask was the amazing smell of roses that sticks in my hair for a few days.

מודעות פרסומת

The first two times I did not use it correctly, I smeared it like shampoo on all my hair, including the edges. It made my hair really beautiful and it looked full of volume, but when I touched it it felt full of knots (though it was combed). Proper use of the mask will first wash with normal shampoo, then take a very small amount, chickpea size and a little more, and massage the scalp. You can use a conditioner afterwards.

מודעות פרסומת

Texture and Scent

The mask comes in a round plastic box that opens with a screw. When you open it immediately you get an amazing smell of the rose extracts. The mask is dark brown and has small grains. Using it was very fun, the grains massaged the scalp and it was very pleasant.

מודעות פרסומת

Bottom Line

The mask left my hair and scalp clean and fresh with a gorgeous smell that stuck for at least two days! The mask gives hair volume after just one use. If you smeared it on all your hair, it would feel a bit rough, but I actually liked that look. I recommend not rub it all over the hair but first wash with regular shampoo, and then apply a little scalp only, and rinse. I recommend to wash WELL or the grains will stay in your scalp 🙂

Buy it hereHQhair | Look Fantastic

מודעות פרסומת

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